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A Dark Euphony - Exclusive Pre-order Campaign

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By joining our exclusive pre-order campaign, you will be able to get:

Your name in the Album booklet
A Limited Edition Hardcopy CD signed by the band
A Limited Edition Vinyl signed by the band
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Campaign status:

Dear Thorns, we are beyond euphoric to announce that our new full-length album 'A DARK EUPHONY' is coming this fall! Having been an independent band for so many years, we've always given you, our fans, the chance to get your name inside the album booklet of the CD hardcopy and get a signed copy. By doing so, you've consistently supported us warm-heartedly, and we're forever grateful!

Now we finally joined forces with the mighty Nuclear Blast Records, which we'll be releasing this next album with! We'd still like to give you the same opportunities as we've always done with previous releases. And so we've set up this 'Exclusive Pre-order Campaign' in which you can get unique items, limited editions, YOUR NAME inside the album booklet of the CD hardcopy, our first vinyl record, and a signed copy of 'A Dark Euphony'!

- Song quote -

"My love, you are my muse and enticed me into song. I vanish into euphony to worlds far gone"

Our new album 'A Dark Euphony' will have 10 songs + 1 bonus track. Songs about terrifying visitors, worlds far gone, star-crossed lovers, Gothic romances, bone-chilling legends, sin-eaters, and burning hearts frozen in time. Songs with a misleading voice, and a truthful whisper...

If you purchase our new album through this pre-order campaign, you'll immortalize your name inside the pages of A Dark Euphony, and you'll be part of Blackbriar history until eternity! As always, your support is what keeps us going, and we'll be forever grateful! Love, Blackbriar

Special Perks

Blackbriar Backdrop ‘Green Thorns'

"Our last used official Blackbriar backdrop, used during our latest ‘The Cause of Shipwreck’ shows. This backdrop is 600 x 400 cm."

Fairy of the Bog 'woolen cloak' & ‘strangle cord’ bundle

"Woolen cloak worn by Zora in the Fairy of the Bog music video. The cloak has a rusty orange color, and was handmade by Zora's mother specially for this video."

Dark Heart of the Mountain Photoshoot dress + signed print

"Mint colored chemise dress worn by Zora in the ‘Dark Heart of the Mountain’ photoshoot. You’ll also receive the ‘Dark Heart of the Mountain’ signed print."

Fairy of the Bog 'white fairy dress'

"White dress worn by Zora in the Fairy of the Bog music video. This dress still has some visible dirt at the bottom from the video shoot, and can be signed by Zora on the inside or outside, if you like."

Walking Over My Grave 'fake heart' & ‘Apron’ package

"You’ll receive the apron worn by Zora in the Walking Over My Grave music video. This white apron can be personally signed as well, with a lyric, if you like. This package includes the stunning fake heart that was used during this video shoot as well."

Broken Cymbal and drumsticks

"Broken cymbal and drum sticks used on the new album and during past Blackbriar shows. Signed by all of Blackbriar."

Snare drum head and drumsticks

"Snaredrum head and drumsticks used by René on the new album! Signed by all of Blackbriar."

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the album be released?
‘A Dark Euphony’ is set for release fall 2023.
When can I expect my perk?
We aim to have all perks and items shipped before the official release date so you can enjoy your new Blackbriar items as close as possible to this special day.
Can I add more than one perk to my shopping cart?
Yes you can!
Can I also add items from the normal Blackbriar store to my shopping cart?
Yes you can! Keep in mind that any items you purchase from our regular store will be shipped together, at once, with your pre-order.
All product-images shown during the crowdfunding campaign are digital mock-ups, meaning, the end result of the manufactured product may slightly differ from any product images shown during this campaign

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