Dear fans, We've just returned from our tour and are now fully focused on processing pre-orders. Due to our hands-on approach with all band members involved and the timing of our tour, we couldn't ship pre-orders sooner. We appreciate your patience as we work to sign, process, and ship everything as quickly as possible. I'd also like to express our gratitude for your pre-order and ongoing support! Blackbriar cannot continue without you, and we're forever grateful for your support!
'Bleeding Rose' [signed by Zora]

'Bleeding Rose' [signed by Zora]

Blackbriar Bandphoto 2021

2021 bandphoto [signed by Blackbriar]

2019 bandphoto [signed by Blackbriar]

As low as €20.00
The signed official Blackbriar 2019 bandphoto now available in 2 sizes.
13x18 Photograph and A4.
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An autographed official 2019 Blackbriar bandphoto signed by all bandmembers, available in 2 sizes.
The 2019 bandphoto was taken by Maurice Vos.

Available sizes: 13x18 Photograph and A4.