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Blackbriar - The Cause of Shipwreck [Digital Downloadable Album]

The Cause of Shipwreck [DOWNLOAD]

Blackbriar - The Cause of Shipwreck [Behind The Lyrics]

The Cause of Shipwreck [BEHIND THE LYRICS]

Crossroads Collection [HARDCOPY]

All current Blackbriar's physical CD releases in one affordable bundle. - This bundle does not include the upcoming album "A Dark Euphony"
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Luxurious physical hardcopy CD digipack versions of all Blackbriar releases. This bundle includes Blackbriar's debut album 'The Cause of Shipwreck', all three released EP's 'Our Mortal Remains EP, We'd Rather Burn EP & Fractured Fairytales EP' and all physical single releases including "Crimson Faces, Fairy of the Bog and Snow White and Rose Red.

Tracklist The Cause of Shipwreck ALBUM:
01 - Confess
02 - Weakness and Lust
03 - Through the Crevice
04 - The Séance
05 - You're Haunting Me
06 - Walking Over My Grave
07 - My Down-to-Earth Lover
08 - Selkie
09 - Deadly Diminuendo
10 - Lilith Be Gone

Tracklist Our Mortal Remains EP:
01 - The Rooster's Crow
02 - Mortal Remains
03 - Beautiul Delirium
04 - Madwoman in the Attic
05 - Until Eternity (Orchestral Version)

Tracklist We'd Rather Burn EP:
01 - I'd Rather Burn
02 - Let Me In
03 - Stone Cold Body
04 - Cry of a Banshee
05 - Arms of the Ocean

Tracklist Fractured Fairytales EP:
01 - Blackbriar - Prelude
02 - Blackbriar - Preserved Roses
03 - Blackbriar - Deadly Nightshade
04 - Blackbriar - Fractured Fairytale
05 - Blackbriar - Until Eternity
06 - Blackbriar - Witching Hour

Tracklist Crimson Faces SINGLE:
01 - Crimson Faces
02 - Crimson Faces (Instrumental)
03 - Crimson Faces (A Cappella)

Tracklist Fairy of the Bog SINGLE:
01 - Fairy of the Bog
02 - Fairy of the Bog (Instrumental)
03 - Fairy of the Bog (A Cappella)

Tracklist Snow White and Rose Red SINGLE:
01 - Snow White and Rose Red (feat. Ulli Perhonen)
02 - Snow White and Rose Red (Instrumental)
03 - Snow White and Rose Red (A Cappella)